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A staple of 1950’s entertainment still exists today in Blackstone River Valley, with two  active motion picture drive ins.


The Mendon Twin Drive-in was built in 1953 and opened on June 14, 1954. The drive-in has been in operation for 46 years. The current owners, Susan Swanson and Kathy Gorman have operated the drive-in since 1987. Sue and Kathy added a second screen in 1998, increasing the total capacity of the drive-in to 800 cars. Our projection booth is equipped with the latest in sound and picture technology, ensuring our customers the most pleasant movie experience. The sound is broadcasted over AM/FM stereo, either from your car radio or any portable stereo you wish to bring.  Feel free to bring soft Frisbees, balls, etc



Since 1951 the Rustic Tri-View Drive In has been screening movies to carloads of filmgoers. Located on Route 146 (Eddie Dowling Highway) in North Smithfield, RI, is open seasonally from April-September and has 550 parking spaces, concessions and rest room facilities.  In 1988, two more screens were added and the name was changed to the Rustic Tri-View Drive-In.  It is listed as the last open drive-in in Rhode Island.


For information on what’s playing on the screen, prices and directions call 401-769-7601.



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