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Rock Climbing, Hiking

There are several spots in and around the Blackstone Valley for rock-climbing. Though this sport always demands extreme care, knowledge and sound equipment, Purgatory Chasm is a delightful geological surprise in Sutton, MA. This rock chasm spans about 1/4 mile with heights of granite rock to 70 feet. The State Park offers a lot, according to the MIT Cultural Exchange officer:  "Purgatory Chasm is a special park with picnic tables, a shelter, a place to set up volleyball or a little soccer and the best place is the chasm. Many years ago a glacier carved a chasm in the granite rock and we can walk between rock walls in a beautiful setting of creation. The rock walls are over fifty feet high on both sides. There are caverns, and small caves to walk through."

Purgatory Road
Sutton, MA 01590
(508) 234-3733

All About Purgatory

The MA Department of Conservation and Recreation Department's site:  Purgatory Chasm State Park

Maurice Pelto's Historical Analysis of Geological Formation of Purgatory Chasm

Liz's Purgatory Site 

Good Tourism Spot for Exchange Students, popular with college students, families & many others 

Look Out Rock is another delightful place to rock climb or merely gaze out upon the magnificent river valley, in its bold or muted colors, depending upon which season is being enjoyed - each so vastly different and absorbing. There is an intriguing history here as it is believed that King Philip aka Metacomet, the Indian Chief referred to as a sachem, used to stand on this rock ledge and observe the vast territory below. This is the Chief that led the skirmishes in Mendon, North Brookfield and throughout the region leading to many deaths. The King Philip's War raged in the area throughout 1675-6. It was a very sad time for the Christianized Indians, many of whom were sent to Deer Isle to starve.

This is a great place for the family to take a hike of varied distances, enjoy some wonderful viewsheds and be inspired by its history here, Goat Hill and Rice City, and River Bend Farm about a mile away.

Look Out Rock

Other Nearby Climbing Spots: College Rock, College St.,  Hopkinton, Mass.  /  Joe's Rock, Rt. 121,  Wrentham, Mass.   /  R.I. Rock Gym, Pawtucket R.I.

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