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Scenic Roads

Douglas - Upton - Uxbridge - Sutton 

Scenic roads are often located in the Mass Scenic Inventory (DEM)  as well as voted on at Town Meeting by a super majority (2/3) vote. Not every Town in the Valley officially recognizes scenic roads, but that appears to be changing as development is being constructed on lots never imagined. 

Douglas Scenic Roads: Church Street from Common St to NW main (approved 5/16/98),  Common Street from Main St to Main St (voted 5/16/98), Northwest Main Street from Common St to Church St (5/126/98), Orange Street from Pine St to Rhode line (5/13/78) and probably Oak Street to be voted 5/03 TM

Grafton Scenic roads include Adams Road, Estabrook Road, Merriam Road, George Hill Road and Brigham Hill Road, Meadowbrook Road. The above photo is a driveway off Meadowbrook Road and the photo below is the narrow and rolling Estabrook Road along Town owned land and the very beloved old Knowlton Farm. 


Uxbridge Scenic Roads include South Street at its junction with Elmwood Ave and Chestnut St and continuing southerly to RI border, Elmwood Ave beginning at South St junction and Chestnut continuing to Glendale Ave, Henry Street from beginning of Rte 16 to Mendon line, Chapin Street beginning at Blackstone St to Mendon line, Chestnut Street from crossroads at Elmwood Ave, West River Road from Rte 16 to East Hartford Ave

Sutton's scenic roads are: Boston Road, Century Farm Road, Lincoln Rd., Eight Lots Road, Town Farm Road, Mendon Road, Rich Road, Manchaug Road, Purgatory Road, Buttonwood Ave., Hartness Road, Central Turnpike, Douglas Road, Waters Road, West Sutton Road, Burbank Road, Sibley Road, Stone School Road, Hutchinson Road

Shortly, the scenic roads will be added from each town, so that lovely Sunday drives can capture the true essence and rural nature of our Valley.






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