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Warm weather brings out the child in all of us as we delight in ice cream treats throughout the Blackstone Valley. Enjoy!

Ice Cream Whitinsville - West End Creamery, Purgatory Rd, 35 flavors from Creamery Bliss Dairy, tables in/out, fields and pond offering great sites and antique store (near Purgatory) Upton - Scoops, Rte 140 near Milford line. Yogurt, hard ice cream with daily special flavors. Great onion rings, fried seafood, miniature golf, take home qts. Birthday party availability.
Northbridge - Friendly's, Church St., well-known chain offering ice cream delights, sandwiches. Millbury - Favorites Ice Cream Parlor, 79 Elm St., lots of delights. Sutton- Kone & Kreme, 3 Boston Rd., Frappes, hard ice cream and sandwiches
Northbridge - Pirate's Cove, 74 Providence Rd, Richardson's Ice Cream, Burgers, slushes and more. Outdoor tables. Not fancy. Grafton- Swirls and Scoops, Worcester St, Rte 122, North Grafton April - September

Soft serve, Hard ice cream

Uxbridge - Bangma's Dairy Farm            500A W Hartford Ave   Uxbridge         508-278-3926. Milk, ice cream, etc.


  Candy Sutton - Eaton Farms Confectioners, Burbank Road, Pretty farm setting and retail homemade candy shop offering scrumptious delights and beautiful views

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