Grafton Tidbits

1874 Official number of "recognized students" was 931 (468M, 463F)
1878 Washington Mills, oldest continuing industry in town, built in North Grafton
1883 St. James Catholic Church was built in South Grafton
1887 Grafton-Upton Railroad was renamed from Grafton Center Railroad (started in 1873) and still hauls freight
1908 The Knowlton Dairy Farm on Estabrook Road started door-to-door milk deliveries ending this service in 1979
1918 Zara Cisco Brough, born Princess White Flower of the Hassanamisco Indian tribe and lived on Brigham Hill Indian Reservation
1925-1951 Grafton Airport on Airport Road, North Grafton was in operation
1927 Jerome Wheelock Library was built in Grafton Center
1929 The last trolley car left North Grafton to Worcester
1935 The gazebo was built at Grafton Common for a scene in the movie "Ah, Wilderness"
1938 The South Grafton Library was built
1945 Wyman Gordon was built under the direction of the Air Force
1948 St. Mary's Catholic Church was destroyed in a fire
1950 St. Mary's Catholic Church was rebuilt
1952 The Grafton  Junior-Senior High School was built on Providence Road
1958 The Grafton News printed its first issue
1959 North Grafton Elementary was built
1964 Grafton Memorial High School was built
1969 The Grafton Center Elementary School (now Middle School) was built on North Street
1974 The original Nelson Library in North Grafton was destroyed by fire
1984 Total school enrollment for the town was 1,867 students

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