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"Nature is about the only thing left where principles and laws hold true, where things are as they are supposed to be, where there is no discrimination against anyone, and where beauty, harmony and inter relatedness provide experiences that people enjoy remembering. "
- Goff

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Water Bodies in the Blackstone Valley

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Daily Environmental News for New England    11/24/2002 Bird Count   Noted Wildlife Writer Ted Williams from Grafton on Deer and Management by the Majority         

As growth continues throughout the Blackstone Valley, some of its most treasured brooks, hills, valleys and farmlands are quickly disappearing or being polluted. Above is one of the tributaries to the Miscoe Brook in Grafton where native brook trout offer fishing pleasure to residents. The Town of Grafton voted at its Town Meeting to purchase 124 acres for "passive recreation", yet a dense development under the 40B law (aka Affordable Housing) risks its sustainability. Across the street, another luxury development is under construction and environmental fines for sedimentation have already been rendered by the DEP, yet the impacts continue as seen in these photos below. 

This is part of the ACEC (Area of Critical Environmental Concern) recognized for its aquifer, its multiple brooks and/or perennial streams, its rare and endangered species and its scenic beauty  noted in the Mass Scenic Inventory of 1972.  The water recharge area is of significance for the future residents, yet soon this area will be seriously impacted by another development with substantial run-off and other adverse impacts. 

                 Let us never forget the significance of these treasures in our history or our dependence upon these resources for a sustainable future. 


Spring's archaic snapping turtles burying eggs in the sandy roadside, gleeful children grasping at leaping frogs, autumn's golden treasure wrapping our eyes with delight and winter's glistening grace peacefully falling upon our fields throughout the Blackstone Valley. A chorus of songbirds awaken new growth and pregnant expectations of spring's small joys to come!

A hidden underworld surrounds us and bestows its beauty. We are all caretakers of Blackstone Valley to nurture its environmental balance for our children and beyond. Hopefully, the links below will permeate your mind and spirit with the wonder all around!

Grants from DEM in RI 

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