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Mass Licensing/Permits/RegsSaltwater Fishing in Narragansett Bay

Flyfishing by Dave Porreca of Blackstone Daily's Journeys

Massachusetts Coldwater Fishery Resource (CFR) List -

A CFR is defined as water that meets at least one of the following criteria:

1. Brook, brown, or rainbow trout reproduction has been determined;

2. Slimy sculpin or longnose sucker are present;

3. The water is part of the Atlantic salmon restoration effort or is stocked with Atlantic salmon fry, parr or smolts

Coldwater Fisheries from the Blackstone River include the following:

Blackstone: Fox Brook, Hop Brook, Quick Stream

Douglas: Centerville Brook, Tinkerville Brook, UT (Douglas Woods Brook)

Grafton: Axtell Brook, Cronin Brook, Miscoe Brook

Mendon: Hop Brook, Muddy Brook, Spring Brook

Millville: Fox Brook

Northbridge: Steamburg Brook, Unnamed Tributary to Carpenter Reservoir, West River

Sutton: Cold Spring Brook, Cook Allen Brook, Steamburg Brook, Unnamed Trib to Carpenter Reservoir

Upton: Center Brook, Miscoe Brook (2), Taft Pond Brook, UNT Center Brook, Warren Brook, West River

Uxbridge: Bacon Brook, Cold Spring Brook, Emerson Brook


Fly Fishing: Reportedly excellent flyfishing is available at the Ashton Mills in Cumberland, RI.

Check out these websites for further insight:

Mass Coldwater Fisher Standards and Bio-Indicators

NE Game and Fish Magazine and 2003 Fish Forecast

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