Although there is always sentiment attached to these losses for some, naturalist Ted Willliams' article offers a surprising angle to these beautiful animals. For maps and licenses online, go to RI DEM or to Massachusetts Government Page for fishing/hunting license.        Submit/Find An Event ll  Table of Contents ll Shops/Dining ll Explore the Valley ll Home 
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Hunting Areas in Northern Rhode Island

There are substantial hunting grounds in Northern Rhode Island, including Black Hut, Buckhill, Durfee Hill, George Washington and the Killingly Management Area. (Click here for fishing, too.)

Brief descriptions are as follows:

Black Hut: 1548 acres within Burrillville, RI accessed at Spring Lake Road with portions bordering west Ironstone Road and the Douglas Pike right over the Mass border. This is 1158 acres of deciduous forest, 163 acres of evergreen , 20 acres of farming land and 171 acres of wetlands. Species include coyote, cottontail rabbits, grey squirrel, white tailed deer, fox, raccoon, ruffed grouse, ring necked pheasant and a three acre waterfowl marsh habitat.

Buckhill Management Area: 2049 acres within Burrillville with 1815 deciduous forest, 3 acres evergreen and 201 acres of wetlands with 14 acres of farmland. A 30+ acre wetlands marsh attracts waterfowl, muskrat, etc. Also, wild turkey and above species found at Black Hut.

Durfee Hill: Includes 4 parcels of land within Glocester with the western parel accessible at Reynolds Road from rte 94 and the largest eastern section accessible south to Rte 44. 1176 acres with a 16 acre wetlands marsh, 726 acres deciduous forest, 201 acres evergreen, 29 acres of farmlands and the Burlingame reservoir habitat for snowshoe hares, wood ducks, game mentioned above and woodcock.

George Washington: The largest area - 3489 acres within Burrillville's 55 square miles and part of Glocester. Access north of Rte 44 along gravel roadway and enjoy 2988 acres of forested land including 2659 deciduous, 419 evergreen and 439 acres of wetlands, 3.6 acres farmlands and 94 acres other. Includes Peck and Underwood Ponds and Pulaski Wildlife Marsh, a 10 acre marsh excellent for waterfowl. This rare unfragmented canopy covering forest brings in neotropic species that are migrants including warblers, thrushes, flycatchers.

Killingly Management Area: 366 acres abutting Connecticut are still relatively close by to Massachusetts and are conatined within Glocester, RI. Snake Hill Road is the access from east to west (or vice versa) to Killingly Pond. There is a dense closed canopy of 180 acres of forested eastern hemlock. Includes fur bearing game of muskrat, mink, all other game and excellent winter habitat fairly uncommon elsewhere.