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Fresh Water Fishing in Burrillville

 White Mill Park - fishing pond and fitness course

 Clear River - State boat launch off Rte 98 to acess Harrisville Pond. Trout Stocked.

 Pascoag Reservoir (Echo Lake) - 351 acres, state boat launch and parking area off Jackson School House Road

                 Avergae Depth - 10.5'   Max depth - 19'

 Peck Pond - In Pulaski Park, 13 Acres. Average Depth - 4.7', Max depth - 14", Rte 44 and Pulaski Rd access. No canoes or boats allowed. Trout Stocked.

  Round Top Pond - No public boat launch. Acess on Rte 96 (Round Top Road), Harrisville. Trout Stocked.

 Spring Lake - 96 acres, Avergae Depth 10', Max depth 21', State Boat Ramp and parking area on Black Hut Road. No outboards allowed.

 Tarkiln Pond - 20 acres. 4.5', Max 9'. Off Tarkiln Rd, no public boat launch. Trout Stocked.

 Union Pond - 8 acres. Boat Launch on Reservoir Road, Pascoag. No outboard motors.

 Wallum Lake - 322 Acres. Avg Depth - 28', Max depth - 74'. Access by Landowners permission only. Trout Stocked.  

Wakefield Pond - 72 Acres. Avg Depth - 6'. Max depth - 21'. State Boat Launch/parking off Wakefield Road.

 Wilson Reservoir - 112 Acres. Avg depth - 6.5', Max depth - 13'. State Boat Ramp and parking lot on East Wallum Lake Road. Outboards limited to 10 h.p.