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The Pawtucket Path to Health

A collaborative effort, The Pawtucket Path to Health, was developed by the Irish Heart Foundation and is brought to Pawtucket by the RI Prevention Coalition, the American Heart Association and Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island. There is no beginning nor an end to these paths as they are all interconnected as shown in the map. Take a walk passing the tower of City Hall  along Roosevelt Avenue, then turning at Exchange Street to move up High Street onto the Pawtucket Library and the YMCA. Then keep going to walk down Main Street along many possible stops for shopping and browsing before turning at the Registry of Motor Vehicles and moving up to Park Place and onto George Street to pass along the Congregational and Episcopal Churches.  As you cross Rte 95, you will notice St. Mary's School, Hospice Care of RI and the famous Modern Diner.

Other walks include moving towards East Avenue with more places to shop and browse before reaching Shea High School. Then to view lovely homes along Lyman Street to Pleasant Street, saunter, jog or run past Francis Valeur School on Bowles Street and then on to Taft Street. Then take a turn at Spencer returning to Pleasant Street and on to Division Street and the wonderful bridge over the Blackstone River.  Water Street is home to  the Portugese Social Club as it nears School Street. Then paralleling the River, we walk by the Boys and Girls Club before a turn on Service Road.

Approaching Prospect Street which brings the Hank Soar Athletic Center to site before moving on to the Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island and its Primary Care Center then takes walkers to Pond and Brewster Streets. This leads us to the Community Counseling center where a turn leads to the Pawtucket Red Sox McCoy Stadium!  Then, a walk along South Bend Street passes the J Jenckes High School and the Agnes Little School before walking past a series of magnificent homes on Walcott Street, including Quality Hill, St Raphael's Academy and several important churches. Lastly, this brings us back to the corner of Roosevelt Avenue, the site of the Pawtucket Visitors center, across from the historic Slater Mill. Keep walking for your health and explore our past and present!


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