Visitor information is available from the Blackstone Valley RI Visitor Center, located at 175 Main Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860 Telephone 401-724-2200. The Visitor Center is open daily and weekends 9 am-5 pm.
Traveler Information Centers also located inside Blackstone River State Park, off Interstate Route 295 north, Lincoln, RI and at the Museum of Work & Culture at Market Square, Woonsocket, RI. Call 401-724-2200 for locations and directions.

What is Tourism All About in the Valley

The American Industrial Revolution began in the Blackstone Valley where its river, utilized for transportation, was a driving force behind the rapid growth of industrialization in a formerly  agrarian based economy.  The Blackstone River Valley Heritage Corridor was designated in 1986 by Congress to recognize the Blackstone region's significance in early American history and revitalize its resources. 

The Blackstone Valley towns are each unique, yet they share many common threads  filled with strong character and traditional New England  values of hard work, thriftiness and innovation.  The Valley ranges from Rhode Island's vibrant city of Providence at the southern end  to the rural farmlands and mill villages, mostly shaped around the traditional N.E. Congregational Church common.   Worcester, the second largest city in Massachusetts is at the northern point of the Blackstone River. The covered and almost forgotten canals are planned for an aesthetic re-opening along the corridor attracting many visitors after years of neglect.

 In 1999, the United States Congress named the National Heritage Corridor in honor of the late United States Senator John H. Chafee of Rhode Island, who had co-sponsored legislation creating this region in 1986.  

                 BV Tourism can be emailed at They offer special opportunities aboard the  riverboat The Explorer or the 8 passenger bicycle Blackstone Valley surrey. The National Heritage Corridor is also helpful for your visit or local insight. 

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