A. The Meaning of Life

1. As a Christian, should you respect all forms of life ?

2. Which is the greater-- a- God the Father, b- God the Son, c- God the Holy Spirit ?

3. As a Catholic, when does Life begin-- a- at Conception b- at Physical Birth in the womb c- at Spiritual Birth in the womb 4. Is one Soul worth more than another ? Yes or No

5. Which was Jesus Christ’s greatest miracle-- a- His making of Water into Wine b- curing the lame person c- His Resurrection ?

6. Which Saint had “the utmost respect for Life at all levels” -- a-St. Joseph b- St. Anthony of Padua c- St. Francis of Assisi ? 

7.  If one person lives for 50 years and then dies, and another person lives for 100 years and then dies-- who had the greater QUALITY of Life ?

8 Who said, “ I am the Way and the Truth and the Life” ?

9 And what did He promise if You believe in Him ?

10 Can ABORTION be easily forgiven by God ?

11 “You shall not have life in you, unless you partake” of what___ and ___?

12 Can you prove that you shall live forever ? Yes or No

13 What is the OMNIPOTENT BENEVOLENT of all life on EARTH ? a- God the Father b- God the Redeemer c- God the Creator

14 Why wasn’t Jesus Christ Cremated ?

15 If our body can be “a Temple of the Holy Spirit”, does life end with it at the end of our Earthly Existence ? Yes or No

B The Meaning of Love

1 How much should one love God ? a- with his whole mind, b- with his whole heart, c- with his whole soul, d- with all three.

2 Who is loved the most by God ? a- the sinner, b-the Church-goer, c-the alms-giver ?

3 Which is the greatest ? a -your faith, b- your love, c- your charity.

4 “As often as you did it to these, the least of My Children, you did it to

 Can you add even a year to your LIFESPAN if you love your “neighbor more than yourself” ?

8 Who does God love more -- a-one who does His Will, b-one who prays once in a while, c- one who loves just his friends ?

9 Which married couple has the most love ? A - the ones married for 25 years, b- the ones married for 40 years, c- the ones married for 50 years ?

10 If you who are IMPERFECT give your children the best that you can, what do you think GOD THE FATHER , WHO IS PERFECT, will give to those who LOVE him ?

11 Can you actually “ count all of your blessings” ? Yes or No

12 Does our HEAVENLY FATHER love all “Unbaptized Souls” ? Yes or No

13 Should one just LIKE or LOVE his enemies ?

14 How can you PROVE that you LOVE SOMEONE ?

15 “Greater Love than this does no Man have that He lays down His Life for His __”.

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