The Whitin Mill Trivia Pop Quiz Answers

Part A: Some Ethnic Contributors

1. How many years of service had William (Bill) Montgomery earned prior to his retirement from "The Shop" in 1954?

2. What was the name of "The Shop's" Labor Union?

3. Who was Floreen Russell Campbell and what did she do at "The Shop"?

4. Who was the director as well as conductor of the Whitin Mill Glee Club?

5. Who was the very first armenian to work in the Engineering Department of the Whitin Mill Machine Works?

6. When did "The Shop" first sponsor the Little League baseball teams and who was Jim Brosnahan?

7. Who was the Editor of the New Whitin Spindle?

8. Name three buildings where candlepin bowling took place with the "Shop Leagues".

9. Name at least three past Presidents of the labor union of "The Shop".

10. Who still owns the former Paul Whitin Manufacturing Company building complex, aka "The Rockdale Mill"?

11. Who made animals of sand as a pastime in "The Shop", and what was his department?

12.Why should the name, John Bosma, be significant in remembering "The Shop"?

13. Who was Dr. Zoltan Zalocki?


14. When was "The Shop" at full capacity?

15. Name at least past Presidents of the Whitin Machine Works.

16. Why was "The Shop" also called "The Brick Academy" and "Mumford College"?

17. What is the significance of the "Cotton Mill Apartments" to the rest of "The Shop's" buildings?

18 - Which 2 Whitins erected the Whitin Social Library, named int heir honor?

19 - When was the Castle Hill Dairy Farm fire, and what resulted afterwards?

20 - How many total units of housing were built by the Whitin Machine Works Company for its workers, and what was so unique about this?




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